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Whether you are a farmer looking to reach new markets, a buyer wanting to connect with your local community partners, or a local brewery engaging your community we have the new must have resource for you!

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What is it?

ShopLocal is a directory that provides simple yet powerful search tools to connect growers, buyers, sellers and consumers.

See it here!

Who is it for?

Farm Bureau members can utilize the advertising features on our website for their business and goods.  The search bar for consumers can be used by anyone in our community to find locally grown and sourced food.

What does it cost?

The search engine for consumers to connect with your business is completely free!

For a business to advertise they must be an active Shelby County Farm Bureau member. A membership for an entity is $80 for a year.

What does a Farm Bureau membership do for my business?

A Farm Bureau membership provides you with several benefits! A full list of benefits can be found HERE. But, in a nut shell, you will get to advertise your business for free on our website that will connect you to consumers, along with getting social media advertisements on our page, advertising in our membership monthly newspaper. You will also become a member of the largest membership ag organization in your community!

How do I register my business?

Once you have an active Shelby County Farm Bureau membership, you will need to register your business through MarketMaker. Once your account on MarketMaker is active, contact the Shelby County Farm Bureau office via phone at 217-774-2151 or email at and we will activate your listing on our website!

Register Your Business TODAY!

RegisterYourBus (002).png
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