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IFB COVID-19 RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT: Don’t forget that the Illinois Pork Producers Association and Illinois Farm Bureau have partnered to fund a grant for pork producers facing unexpected pork disposal costs during this difficult time. Find the application on our Livestock Resources page.


U.S. BUSINESS GROUPS URGE CHINA TO ‘REDOUBLE EFFORTS’ TO IMPLEMENT TRADE DEAL – As senior U.S. and Chinese economic officials plan to discuss China’s compliance with a trade deal signed early this year, more than 40 American business groups called on Beijing to step up purchases of U.S. manufactured goods as well as energy and other products as part of the agreement. (Wall Street Journal)


LIVESTOCK-U.S. LIVE CATTLE FUTURES JUMP TO TWO-MONTH HIGH – U.S. live cattle futures on Monday reached a two-month high on follow-through buying from last week, while lean hog futures edged up on bargain buying, traders said. (Reuters)


HOW COVID-19 IS EXACERBATING RACIAL DISPARITIES IN FOOD SECURITY – The percentage of households considered food insecure has surged during the pandemic — already to levels much higher than during the depths of the Great Recession — but Black and Hispanic households are faring far worse than white households. (Politico)


SLOW PROCESSING, LOST MARKETS MEAN NEW CHALLENGES FOR LIVESTOCK FARMERS – The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on many sectors of the economy and livestock farming is one of them. (The Center Square)


THOUSANDS OF U.S. FARMS GOT $6.4 BILLION IN SMALL BUSINESS LOANS – Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting companies got at least $6.4 billion in U.S. coronavirus-related small business loans, government data released Monday showed. (Bloomberg)


U.S. GOVERNMENT'S BOXED FOOD AID PROMISE FALLS SHORT – The U.S. government delivered far less food aid than it had pledged by the end of June, according to food bank managers and data from the agriculture department sent to Reuters, after it hired inexperienced companies to box food during the pandemic. (Reuters)


IFB RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT: If your driver’s license, license plates, or medical cards expired between March 1st – July 31st of this year, you have until September 30th to renew those. For more details, visit our Transportation Resources page.


AFBF RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT: USDA data reveals that as of the end of June nearly one-third, or $4.85 billion, of the $16 billion in CFAP assistance has been paid to livestock, dairy, crop and specialty crop producers. (Farm Bureau)


CHINA SAYS G4 SWINE FLU VIRUS NOT NEW; DOES NOT INFECT HUMANS EASILY – China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Saturday that the so-called “G4” strain of swine flu virus is not new and does not infect or sicken humans and animals easily, rebuffing a study published earlier this week. (Reuters)


MEATPACKING PRODUCTION IS NEARLY NORMAL, BUT WORKERS ARE STILL COPING WITH COVID-19 – More than 30,000 meatpacking workers nationally have fallen ill. At least 100 have died, with the lives of others upended or permanently altered. (Star Tribune)


SOME FARMERS HAD TO REPLANT AFTER HEAVY RAIN – As we entered the fourth of July weekend, some farmers’ corn was looking good while others were having some issues. (WGEM)


HOW YOU GET YOUR BERRIES: MIGRANT WORKERS WHO FEAR VIRUS, BUT TOIL ON – Many laborers in New Jersey follow the ripening of crops up the East Coast. Each influx of new workers brings the risk of a fresh outbreak. (New York Times)


WHAT RESTAURANTS NEED TO REOPEN: A FLATTENED INFECTION CURVE AND FRESH AIR – Public-health authorities in the U.S. have singled out restaurants and bars as a source of coronavirus contagion. Yet in Europe, bistros, pizzerias and cafes bustling with clientele have had no major outbreaks. (Wall Street Journal)


FOOD BANK SHIPS 60,000 FAMILY FOOD BOXES – One hundred days into the COVID-19 pandemic, Midwest Food Bank, based at 2031 Warehouse Road, Normal, has packed and shipped more than 60,000 family food boxes to people in 28 states, in partnership with The Salvation Army. (The Pantagraph)



IFB COVID-19 RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT: September 1st is the Harvest Season Permit open date – you must get that permit from the appropriate jurisdiction to haul 10% overweight. For more information, visit our Transportation Resources page.


U.S. FARMERS SCRAMBLE FOR HELP AS COVID-19 SCUTTLES IMMIGRANT WORKFORCE – The novel coronavirus delayed the arrival of seasonal immigrants who normally help harvest U.S. wheat, leaving farmers to depend on high school students, school bus drivers, laid-off oilfield workers and others to run machines that bring in the crop. (Reuters)


COVID-19 CHANGES HOW AMERICA FEEDS ITS HUNGRY – June 2020, according to Feeding America, more than 54 million people in the U.S. are facing hunger: more than at the peak of the Great Recession. (Capital Press)


COALITION URGES CONGRESS TO FUND INSPECTION SHORTFALL AT US PORTS – A joint letter representing more than 150 trade groups and associations representing the agricultural industry was sent to Congress on June 29 urging lawmakers to address a financial shortfall that could threaten the safety of agricultural goods being shipped into the United States. (Meat + Poultry)


COVER CROP CORNER: TAPPING INTO YOUR COVER CROP RESOURCES – From selecting the right cover crop variety to zeroing in on management practices, cover crops can be incredibly complex. However, to truly harness their full potential, it is essential to invest the time into learning more about them. (AgriNews)


HORSES STAND IDLE AND CLOWNS CALL IT QUITS AS THE CORONAVIRUS CANCELS ILLINOIS RODEOS – In a typical year — which this isn’t — 5 million people attend about 400 rodeos approved by The International Professional Rodeo Association. Half of those events have been called off, and future cancelations are expected. (Chicago Tribune)


IN LOBSTER-TOWN U.S.A., THERE’S NO COVID-19 BUT PLENTY OF PAIN – Fear of contagion and the near-total shutdown of restaurants and cruise lines, where most consumers eat crustaceans, have devastated demand. Hopes for a recovery anytime soon are dim because prices already typically fall in July. (Bloomberg)


IFB COVID-19 RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT: Many consumers have had questions about food safety during the Coronavirus pandemic. For resources on addressing these concerns, check out our Consumer Questions page.


AFBF RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT: The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement went into effect today, at a crucial time for farmers and ranchers struggling to recover from COVID-19 losses and a depressed agricultural economy. The expected $2 billion annual increase in U.S. agricultural exports and overall increase of $65 billion in gross domestic product will provide a welcome boost. (Farm Bureau)


USMCA TAKES EFFECT BUT NORTH AMERICAN TRADE TENSIONS REMAIN – The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement kicks in Wednesday, but the culmination of years of negotiations won’t necessarily mean the end of trade tensions among the three North American nations. (Wall Street Journal)


FARMERS DIAL BACK CROP PLANTINGS AS COVID UNCERTAINTY ROCKS MARKETS – U.S. farmers planted nearly 5 million fewer acres of corn this spring than estimated by the U.S. government in March, the biggest cut in 37 years, as the coronavirus pandemic roils demand for the crop. (Reuters)


DAIRY FARMERS WORLDWIDE ARE ON THE BRINK OF CRISIS – While lockdown restrictions are easing, slower economic growth means consumers will be cutting back on dining out and even home-delivery orders. That’s a hit the dairy industry won’t be able to sustain. (CNN)


DEMOCRATS DETAIL PLANS FOR CLIMATE-FRIENDLY FARMING – The climate change committee on Tuesday unveiled an ambitious framework for slashing greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by the century’s halfway point. (Politico)


OPINION: THE PANDEMIC HAS AMERICA'S FARMERS ON THE BRINK. THIS COULD HELP US SURVIVE – For farmers to truly survive and thrive, they need the freedom to trade with partners across the globe — without prohibitive tariffs and restrictions standing in the way. (CNN)



IFB COVID-19 RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT: Earlier this month, the Small Business Administration released revisions to recent interim rules regarding the Paycheck Protection Program as well as new PPP forgiveness applications and instructions. Learn more on our Federal Stimulus page.


CHINA HALTS MEAT IMPORTS FROM MORE PLANTS AMID VIRUS TUMULT – China suspended meat imports from more plants as the Asian nation continues to sow confusion in global agriculture markets by suggesting a potential link between the spread of coronavirus and food. (Bloomberg)


SCIENTISTS SAY NEW STRAIN OF SWINE FLU VIRUS IS SPREADING TO HUMANS IN CHINA – A new study warns that the strain of H1N1, common on China’s pig farms since 2016, should be “urgently” controlled to avoid another pandemic. (New York Times)


HOG FUTURES SINK AS SUPPLY OVERHANG LINGERS – Even with coronavirus stifling demand for pork, hog supplies remain at record high. (Wall Street Journal)


DICAMBA DRAMA CONTINUES WITH BAYER SETTLEMENT – Bayer’s $400 million dicamba settlement announced last week could extend a lifeline to row crop farmers in the Midwest facing several years of losses allegedly due to dicamba drift. (Politico)


U.K. SETS UP AGRICULTURE PANEL IN BLOW TO U.S. TRADE DEAL HOPES – The U.K. will set up a new commission to inform its post-Brexit agricultural policy, bowing to pressure from British farmers and potentially complicating trade negotiations with the U.S. (Bloomberg)


AG INNOVATION CHALLENGE ENTREPRENEURS ADAPT AND THRIVE – As the COVID-19 pandemic began rippling across America a few months ago, business owners of all types — including those who serve agriculture — began looking at ways to adapt what they do to meet the changing needs of customers. (AgriNews)


HOME HYDROPONICS: TECH TREND OR THE NEW VICTORY GARDEN? – As Covid-19 highlights the precarious supply chain that supports our modern lifestyles and the benefit of more self-sufficiency, hydroponics is emerging as the latest trend in smart home devices. (Forbes)







About Leader Page: This collection of articles from mainstream and agriculture media is designed to keep you informed as a member and leader in our organization. The articles here are not intended to represent Illinois Farm Bureau policy or positions, but rather to give you an idea of what is being reported regionally, nationally and globally.









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